It is time to get off the treadmill of Restaurant Marketing and take responsibility

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It is time to get off the treadmill of Restaurant Marketing and take responsibility

Once we take responsibility and change what needs to be fixed we can move forward with greater ease and higher profits.

Below are some areas to make sure you have wired tight. Step back and be honest with yourself are any of these areas holding you back? Even the best marketing cannot overcome a bad guest experience time and time again. Are any of these areas in your restaurant needing your attention? Make a quick list of improvements, get ‘em done and move your restaurant forward. I find that money spent on these areas has a greater impact because it focuses on the guests you already have instead of trying to get more people to experience something that really needs to be improved.

  1. Your product.
  2. The guest dining experience.
  3. Your restaurant interior.
  4. Your restaurant exterior — landscaping, parking lot, signs.
  5. Host and server interactions with guests.
  6. Your washrooms.
  7. Your flatware/plateware.
  8. Your menu.
  9. Your guests’ perception of value.
  10. Your ability to be the mayor and connect with those inside and outside.
  11. Your ability to deliver TOS (totally Outrageous Service) so your guests have something to tell others about.
  12. Your ability to define and differentiate your restaurant and be famous for something.

What to do next? Take those advertising dollars and allocate them into the areas above. You’ll get a much higher return on your investment.

Once you got your place humming then you should be taking profits and rolling them into marketing and advertising trading $1 of marketing for $10 in profits.  Then you just keep being creative and turning up the faucet making it a Marketing Fire Hose!!

If you are not sure how to get your restaurant to the point of being able to focus and drive your success through great systems and compounding profits with effective marketing then we definitely need to talk.

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Jonathan Munsell
Founder | Creator
Restaurant Success System

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